17 Fast and Easy Breast Enlargement Exercises to Do Every Day


17 Fast and Easy Breast Enhancement Exercises to Do Every DayDid you know that the breast implant industry expects a growth of about 6.43 percent from 2016 to 2020?

While the procedure is popular in women, there are some who would rather resort to more natural methods such as breast enlargement exercises to enhance the shape and size of breasts. Although more research is necessary, the latest studies reveal those who undergo breast augmentation surgery are more likely to have breast cancer.

There are breast enhancement pills, but surgery remains to be the most effective way to grow your breast size. Alternatively, there are breast exercises to increase your bust size over time. For those who are looking for the best way to increase their bust line, here are some of the best breast lift exercises women are doing nowadays:

1. The Dumbbell Fly: A Simple Strength Training Routine for Beginners

dumbbell fly

This strength exercise focuses on the chest muscles and it is the perfect choice for beginners. You will need a flat bench or an exercise ball for this exercise and a pair of dumbbells. To do the exercise, you should do the following steps:

  • Lie back on the bench or the ball.
  • Hold those dumbbells with palms facing each other.
  • Extend those arms slightly, but make sure that the dumbbells do not touch each other.
  • In a semi-circle motion, bend your arms slightly.
  • Once the dumbbells are chest level, squeeze your muscles.
  • Extend your arms again and assume the start position.

This exercise focuses on contracting muscles and it is designed to be slow and controlled. Always make sure that both of your feet are planted on the ground. You can do as many reps as you want.

2. Chest Dips: A Pull Up Exercise for Bigger Chest Muscles

For those who are confident with their arm strength, chest dips happen to be a great option. You will need a dip bar for this exercise. The steps involved are pretty simple.

Basically, you need to pull your entire body while grabbing on to the bar. To ensure that you are targeting your chest muscles, make sure that your body is inclined outwards.

It would be best to perform this exercise daily with 20 to 30 repetitions each. If you are a beginner, this can be a challenging exercise and you might want to use a chair for support. However, you also have the option to do push up routines first before going for the chest dip.

3. Push Ups: An Arm-Toning Exercise for Women with Smaller Boobs

When you run a search for breast enlargement exercise at home, regular floor push-ups top the list. This exercise is quite popular in women who want to improve the size of their breasts, since it targets the chest muscles. Given the popularity of this routine, almost everyone knows how to perform the exercise.

With both hands planted firmly on the floor, slowly pull your body down by bending your elbows. This movement will put your weight on your arms, making this a good choice when you want leaner and toned arms.

After bending down, extend your arms to pull yourself up again. The full body push-up is a popular routine, but for those who find even one rep difficult, knee push-ups are the best alternative. The steps involved in a knee push-up is the same, but you will use your knees, not your feet as support. This will put a lower amount of pressure on your arms and this is an easier variation of the exercise.

4. Chest Pass: A Breast Enlargement Exercise Using a Medicine Ball

This exercise routine requires the use of a medicine ball. If you do not have this exercise equipment at home, it would be alright to use something else as weights. This is a floor exercise and you need to lie down on your back. Make sure that your feet are flat and your knees are bent.

To do this exercise, you need to follow these steps:

  • Hold the medicine ball at the level of your chest.
  • Engage your abs and keep your back flat on the floor.
  • From this starting position, throw the ball as high as you can.
  • Catch the ball with both hands.
  • Lower your arms and assume the starting position.

This is a fun and entertaining routine and you can do 20 repetitions with four sets each. To make the exercise more effective, observe proper posture throughout the routine.

5. Elevated Push Ups: Exercise Your Pectoral Muscles for a Larger Chest

Pushups may be good exercise for those who want to dodge breast implants. If you are interested in an exercise with a greater impact, this is the perfect choice. The process is quite similar to the normal push up, but you place your feet on an exercise ball or on the edge of a chair.

This is one of those high impact breast enlargement exercises that could be grueling and hard at first. Although the steps involved are similar to that of the regular push up, you place more pressure on your arms since they are the only thing supporting your weight. This is a perfect way to improve your breast size, since it targets the pectoral muscles that support your breasts.

6. Rear Lateral Raises: Bending Exercises Using Dumbbells

For those who love to do dumbbell exercises, here is another routine that can help improve your breast size. You should assume your starting position first. Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart. Hold one dumbbell in each hand and make sure that your palms are facing forward.

From this initial position do the following:

  • Bend your knees and shift your hips back.
  • Make sure that your torso is parallel to the ground.
  • Without raising your torso, raise your arms up.
  • Pause for a few seconds when your arms reach shoulder height.
  • Go back to the initial position.

To see the best results, do four sets of this exercise with 20 repetitions each. Following a specific breast enhancement program like Boost Your Bust could also work for you.

7. Side Swerve: A Chair Exercise You Can Do Anywhere

In this exercise, all you need is a chair; hence, this is the type of exercise that you can do even if you are sitting in the office. You just need to sit up straight with your hands on your hips. This will serve as your starting position. Remember to maintain proper posture throughout the exercise.

From your starting position, turn your body to the right. Go as far as you possibly can without injuring yourself. Hold your position from 10 to 15 seconds and go back to your original position. You should do the same thing with your left side.

It would be ideal to do this routine 10 times on each side. Since it is simple, it would not be too embarrassing or disturbing to do at your desk. These twists work, since they could help define the muscles surrounding your breast. This could make your boobs look perkier. The entire set should just table about 10 minutes.

8. Dumbbell Cross Punches: Improve the Size of Your Boobs While Doing Some Jabs

If you have a fondness for throwing punches during exercise, this exercise could be the right one for you. You will need two dumbbells for this one, so be sure to grab one dumbbell for each hand. To do this routine, follow these steps:

  • Take one step back, so one foot is behind you.
  • Your toes should be facing forward and your knees slightly bent.
  • With elbows bent slightly, open your arms and raise them on either side.
  • Leave your arms open when you reach just above your shoulders.
  • Swing your right arm to the left just in line with your chest.
  • Your palm should be facing downwards with each punch.
  • Bring the arm back to the original position.
  • Take your left arm and swing to the right, stopping at the center of your chest.
  • Bring your arm back to the original position.

In this routine, one swing to the left and one to the right makes one set. This exercise could help make your chest bigger and at the same time, make your breasts more upright.

9. Arm Swing: Three Exercise Variations for Larger Breasts

If breast enhancement is your primary goal in performing an exercise, the arm swing can be your go-to move. As the name of the exercise, you need to swing your arms. Here are the three variations that you can try when doing this exercise.

  • Backward Arm Swing: Here, you need to raise your arms upward and back. Do as many reps as you want.
  • Backward Arm Swing on Bent Knees: The starting position for this is with your arms extended on chest level. You need to swing those arms backward and back to the original position. Do the same steps on the second swing but this time, bend your knees as you pull those arms back.
  • Arm Swing with Weights: This routine is perfect for those who are looking for a high impact exercise. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, bend your knees, and hold the weights on the floor parallel to your shoulder. Swing the weights outwards and when you reach the chest level swing downwards pulling the weights between your legs.

Since the last arm swing variation makes use of weights, be careful in doing this routine. You could hurt yourself if you are careless in swinging your arms or if your knees are not bent enough.

10. Shoulder Rounding: A Mat Exercise to Challenge Your Core Muscles

You need to bring out your exercise mat for this routine. When exercising for larger breasts, you can also improve your core muscles at the same time. This is one of the exercise routines that can make that happen.

Lie on your stomach with your arms stretched. Your palm should face down with your fingers outstretched. You need to round up your shoulders as you pull your elbows together behind you. When doing this, your chest should be off the ground.

11. Renegade Row: Planking and Dumbbells Combined

Planking and Dumbbells Combined

For those who love doing the plank but would like to do a variation with greater impact, adding dumbbells to the routine could do the trick. This breast enlargement exercise requires you to assume the straight arm plank position with your weight supported by dumbbells. To give you a clearer idea of what to expect, you can search for breast enlargement exercise images for doing the renegade row.

You need to hold the dumbbells firmly on the floor while assuming the plank position. Pay attention to your posture. Instead of remaining on the plank position, do the following:

  • Lift your right arm to your chest by bending your elbows.
  • Keep your elbow close to your body while doing this.
  • In a slow and controlled pace, put the weight back down.
  • Do the same with your left arm

In the renegade row, lifting both arms is one rep. This routine is best done daily with eight repetitions for each set and a total of four sets.

12. Plank Walk: The Moving Plank That Targets Breast Muscles

The plank is one of the best exercise routines to engage the core and to make your breasts look bigger. If you are bored with the same old breast enhancement exercises, this is a refreshing variation. Your initial position is the plank, make sure that your arms are outstretched and your body is a straight line from head to heel.

The routine is just about moving two steps in each direction. To accomplish this, do the following:

  • Lift your left foot and your right hand.
  • Move them one foot to the right.
  • Lift your right foot and left hand.
  • Take another step to the right.
  • Reverse directions by lifting your left hand and right foot to the left.

Although doing this exercise may seem to be confusing at first, it gets easier when you perform it.

13. The Y Raise: A Dumbbell Exercise Routine for Firmer Chest Muscles

Light dumbbells are a must in this breast augmentation exercise. This is a standing exercise where you need to stand tall with your feet bent slightly. Your feet should be hip-width apart and you need to hold the dumbbells at thigh level.

For this routine, you need to contract your ab muscles to get the best results. From this initial position, do the following:

  • Raise your arms slowly at either side.
  • Stop when your arms are over your head and your body is following the Y position.
  • Go back to your original position.

This exercise works best at a controlled pace, so you need to do it slowly. Doing 20 repetitions with four sets is ideal for this routine.

14. Wall Presses: The Simplest Among the Push Up Breast Enhancement Exercises

If you are struggling to perform any of these push-up exercises, the wall press could be the best choice for you. This routine is just like the regular push up, but you are not doing it against the floor, but against the wall. Otherwise known as the wall press, you need to stand one arm width away from the wall.

Before you do the routine, make sure that the wall is sturdy enough to carry your weight. It would be better to check how strong the wall is before doing the exercise to avoid injuries. Plant both hands shoulder width apart on the wall and follow these steps:

  • From the starting position, push your body towards the wall.
  • Bend your elbows to go as close as you can to the wall.
  • Go back to the initial position.

From these instructions, it’s easy to see that the routine is similar to the regular push-up. You need to make sure that you are maintaining proper posture all throughout the routine.

15. Butterflies: The Swiss Ball and Dumbbell Routine

If you have a Swiss ball at home and you want to use it to enlarge your chest muscles, here is one good way to do that. Hold a dumbbell at either hand and sit on the floor with the ball for back support. Bend your knees and place your feet shoulder width apart.

To do the routine, follow these steps:

  • Put your hands together with your arms outstretched in front of your chest.
  • Open your arms with elbows bent slightly to either side.
  • Bring your hands back together in front of your chest.
  • Take your hands down to either side to complete one rep.

16. Chair Dips: Tone Those Arms While Enlarging Your Breasts

If you are not too fond of chest dips, you have another option – chair dips. You need to sit on the chair with your hands planted at the edge of the sit. Your fingers should point downwards while you follow these steps:

  • Put your weight on your hands as you lift your butt off the chair.
  • Outstretch your legs.
  • Move forward until your butt is off the seat’s edge.
  • Lower your butt until your shoulders are in line with your elbow.
  • Go back to your original position.

Continue moving up and down until you complete the necessary reps for your routine.

17. The Plank Reach: A Cool Weight Shifting Variation

This plank variation does not involve movement, but it is all about putting your weight on different arms. You need to assume the plank position, make sure that your body is in a straight line.

Instead of staying in the plank position for a few seconds, lift your right arm first and stretch it out. From that position, assume the original plank position. You should do the same with your left hand. You could also work your legs, lifting each leg up and back down.

Increasing the size of your breast by conducting a self-breast enlargement massage using enhancement creams remains to be an option. However, these products could work better when you combine them with exercise. You can try doing one breast enlargement exercise or two to achieve the chest size you want.

Now It’s Your Turn

Now it’s time for you to put these breast enhancement exercises into practice.

To make the process easy for you, I have created a Breast Enhancement Exercise checklist that outlines the EXACT steps for each exercise in this post.

The checklist also include 5 bonus exercises that I didn’t include in this post.

You can download the FREE checklist in PDF format below:

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