17 Simple Tips on How to Remove Wrinkles Effectively

17 Simple Tips on How to Remove Wrinkles EffectivelyIf you are between 25 and 40, and you start to notice age lines becoming visible around your eye area, forehead and mouth, you know it is time to do something about it.

So if you are looking for the most effective tips and products to fade these lines or remove wrinkles entirely, then you are at the right place!

While you can’t control your age, you can always find ways to remove wrinkles and maintain your youthful appearance.

If you’ve tried several home remedies and they haven’t worked fast enough for your liking, here are 17 simple secrets to delay aging and look years younger.

1. Protect Your Skin: Never Skip on the Sunscreen

SunscreenWhether you have dark skin or fair skin, you should never skip on getting your daily dose of sunscreen. If you are less than 55 years old and you want to see those age lines go away, or at least look less visible to the naked eye, one good way is to use sunscreen. Sunscreen, which is specifically formulated for your face and the skin under your eyes, could help delay the process of aging by preventing your skin from exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Up until 2013, people thought using sunscreen only had a cosmetic value. However, one study involving white-skinned people revealed that skin aging is less prominent in those who use sunscreen regularly. The study, which spanned over the course of four years, involved 900 participants. The researchers measured the various changes in their skin through a method known as microtopography.

Aside from preventing the signs of aging, such as spotting, wrinkling and sagging, young to middle-aged people who apply sunscreen regularly can also reduce their chances of getting skin cancer. Although white people were the ones involved in the above study, the researchers maintain that people with darker skin can enjoy the same benefits when they use sunscreen, as well.

2. Keep Wrinkles at Bay: Maintaining Your Skin’s Moisture

Skin hydration is one of the most important things when it comes to maintaining a healthy glow. Moisturizers should always be part of your daily routine, especially if you do not want to look old too quickly. An eight-year study on wrinkle progression revealed that a 28-year-old woman’s visible wrinkles will increase by 52 percent by the time she is 36 if she has dry skin. In contrast, the number of age lines will only increase by 22 percent if her skin is well hydrated.

The Olay company funded research that landed in The British Journal of Dermatology confirmed how moisturizers can help keep your skin looking young. These products trap in moisture, so the skin cells remain hydrated. While these products can help in skin hydration, it is also vital to practice sun protection, as UV rays are one of the top reasons for skin damage and premature aging.

It is also worth noting the skin quality of the subjects at the beginning of the previously-mentioned study may have have a huge effect on how fast their wrinkles progressed over time. One product you can try is LUMINESCE, which can hydrate and lift skin at the same time. It also contains cucumber extract, which has a cooling effect on your skin.

3. Keep on Smiling: Dynamic Wrinkles Have a Solution

Keep on SmilingWrinkles come in two varieties and the temporary wrinkles that appear when you smile are called dynamic wrinkles. You do not need to worry about these wrinkles since they are merely formed when you contract your muscles. For those who are afraid these wrinkles could become permanent and speed up aging, there’s one cool solution – an eye refiner from Erno Laszlo, called the Transphuse Eye Refiner, contains extracts from a tropical plant that minimize contractions and makes your skin look smoother.

This product has been mentioned in the best eye creams section of Allure, which is not surprising since it also makes your skin tighter. Trying out this eye refiner would be well worth it, especially if you tend to have a lot of dynamic wrinkles and lines that bother you.

4. Gentle Exfoliation: The Answer to Getting Rid of Fine Lines Surrounding Your Eyes

Gentle ExfoliationIf you have been obsessing over the best skincare products to help you get rid of wrinkles surrounding your eyes, you probably know that the area is highly sensitive and you should only use the gentlest products. If you want to reduce wrinkles, or at least make them look less visible, Cosmopolitan offers one solution: Beauty RX’s Gentle Exfoliating Eye Therapy Cream.

This eye product aims to make the area surrounding your eyes look brighter since dull skin can make you look older. It is a gentle exfoliator specifically designed to target that area and to minimize skin damage. Getting rid of dead skin cells can do wonders for your skin. With the help of glycolic acid, you can bring out newer and healthier skin cells, which help reduces the appearance of fine lines, and at the same time gets rid of the dark circles called “Panda eyes.”

5. Double Duty: How to Find an All-Around Eye Cream That Doubles as a Primer

All About EyesWomen can be conscious about the appearance of their skin but this does not mean that they want a lot of gunk on their face. Wearing makeup may be a good thing, but a lot of women would agree that having a long routine can be impractical. The good news is, Clinique offers a product known as All About Eyes that would be a great addition to a practical woman’s daily beauty routine.

This eye cream can do what any other products do. It can make your eyes less puffy, remove wrinkles under eyes, and helps lighten the area surrounding your eyes. On top of that, you can use it as a primer to help your makeup stay in place for another tough day ahead.

6. Retinol: Your Magic Bullet Against Aging

Retinol, a derivative of vitamin A, is one of the most effective solutions for premature skin aging. This means that choosing products containing this active ingredient can do wonders for your skin. Unfortunately, retinol is not for everyone. Women who are pregnant or nursing are warned against using this product

For those who can tolerate this ingredient, the changes are definitely noticeable. Compared to other creams in the market, retinol is more effective in improving your appearance. Aside from ironing out those fine lines, this product can remove forehead wrinkles and tighten skin to minimize skin aging.

Retinol is so popular, many cosmetic manufacturers are adding this ingredient to their products. If you decide to use this product, try to apply it every other day at first before adding it to your daily routine.

You can try the retinol products from RESIST which is highly recommended by Paula’s Choice. Here’s another tip, be sure that your retinol product is in an opaque container or in a tube that that will minimize light and air exposure. Vitamin A can deteriorate easily when exposed to light or air, so products in a jar may not be a good idea for your retinol cream.

7. Proper Nutrition: How Antioxidants Can Give Your More Youthful Skin

Proper NutritionWhether you apply antioxidants on your skin or you adapt a diet containing them, you can help your skin retain its youthful appearance. While doing either of the two can be beneficial, doing them both is the better idea, whether you are 20 or 40. When it comes to preventing the appearance of age lines, you can never discount proper nutrition. The same goes for the mindset you need to maintain when you are shopping for beauty products.

Antioxidants work well since they destroy free radicals that can lead to wrinkling. Over time, this ingredient can soften the age lines to make them less visible. It also helps tighten skin, make it firmer to avoid sagging, and remove eye wrinkles

8. Yes, You Can: Combat Aging with Chemical Peels

Facial peels are quite popular and at one time or another, you may have experienced this. Chemical peels may be a good idea depending on your skin type. The best person to recommend the most appropriate procedure to remove wrinkles is always your doctor.

Chemical peels work by getting rid of the upper skin layer. Skin prepping from two weeks to one month before the procedure is necessary to avoid permanent damage to the skin. Often, it takes about six sessions, with a six-to eight-week recovery time in between, to see visible improvements in skin pigmentation and the reduction of creases.

9. Combat Skin Damage: Remove Wrinkles with Idebenone Creams

Idebenone CreamsShopping for creams to make those deep age lines look less visible can be a challenging feat. If you are after a product that can remove face wrinkles and at the same time help you combat the effects of skin damage, creams with idebenone are a smart choice. There are many popular products that are using this ingredient, including Presage MD, Rejuvaskin and Professional Solutions.

While these creams can improve the appearance of your skin, you should also be aware that idebenone may have some side effects. There are some people who experience increased anxiety, insomnia and nausea while using it. In addition, pregnant and breastfeeding women are also advised against using products containing idebenone.

10. Swap AHAs for BHAs: Deeper Peels are More Effective Against Wrinkles

salicylic acidIf you have tried applying milk or buttermilk to your face and you did not see any difference, it might be time to switch to BHAs. These acids are stronger, but they are also more effective in helping you make you look younger. Among the BHAs, the most popular is probably salicylic acid, which is also ideal for people with oily skin.

BHAs can seep deeper into the skin, which makes it more effective in smoothing it out. Unfortunately, the same quality can make it damaging to your skin. When you are using BHAs, there’s a higher chance that you can experience permanent skin discoloration or worse, scarring. Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter when using this powerful type of anti-aging cream.

11. Epidermal Growth Factor: An Ingredient That Can Save You from Creases

Epidermal growth factor is something that is becoming more popular these days, because more people are realizing how useful they can be when it comes to retaining youngerlooking skin. There have been studies conducted that prove that EGF can improve the accumulation of collagen, and at the same time, it improves a body’s ability to produce their own collagen.

In fact, cats lick their young because their saliva contains EGF and this is seen to be effective in helping animals heal faster. You can use this same quality to reduce the appearance of age lines. Today, there are some products that contain EGF, so it would be worthwhile to try one of these.

12. The Sunshine Vitamin: How Vitamin C Serum Can Transform Your Skin

Vitamin C is not just a must when you want a strong immune system; it also happens to one of the best nutrients that your skin needs to get rid of wrinkles. Vitamin C, just like vitamin A and idebenone, is an antioxidant that could help make your skin firmer, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Aside from vitamin C’s quest to destroy the free radicals that can break the collagen chains in your skin, it can also reverse skin damage. One dermatologist from Manhattan explains that vitamin C cannot just prevent, but it can treat age lines and make skin firmer at the same time. All of these awesome things may start happening when you apply vitamin C on your skin.

Check out the video above to discover how to make your own Vitamin C serum at home.

13. Like Ironing Clothes: Consider Microdermabrasion for Reducing Shallow Wrinkles

You can remove wrinkles from clothes with an iron, but when the creases are on your face, you need a subtler approach like microdermabrasion. When those age lines start becoming visible on your face, chances are you have shallow wrinkles. If that is the case, microdermabrasion is one of the cosmetic procedures that you can leverage to get rid of wrinkles.

This process is for those who want to see visible changes in their skin, but who do not have the luxury of time to sit around and wait for their skin to heal. This will not require any anesthesia, because it will just involve the outer skin layer. This procedure is just like skin exfoliation and rejuvenation, which has the added benefit of removing shallow wrinkles before they become deeper.

14. Dermabrasion: A Low-Risk Anti-Aging Procedure for Fair Skinned Individuals

When you are struggling with wrinkles and you have fair skin, dermabrasion is one of the options that are open to you. This procedure is often done in the doctor’s clinic, but you still will need some anesthetics for dermabrasion. The doctor will remove the outer layer of your skin using a high-speed instrument with a brush or an abrasive wheel.

The results may not be as flawless as when you remove wrinkles in Photoshop, but you will get real, impressive results. The recovery time for this procedure is usually 10 days. You also will need to apply sunscreen religiously after the procedure.

15. Needle-Less Botox Gels: Reduce Crow’s Feet Effectively Without Getting Pricked

While most women would like to see results that are comparable to Botox treatments, many are hesitant about getting injections of any kind. For those who want an almost risk-free approach to removing wrinkles, a plastic surgeon from New York has used botulinum toxin type A for topical application and saw positive results.

Unfortunately, it might take a while to see this product offered in the market, since it remains to be an investigational drug product. Needless to say, the Phase 2 trial was successful and the Phase 3 trials commenced in 2015.

16. Laser Resurfacing: Get Rid of Wrinkles and Skin Irregularities

Whether you have acne scars or wrinkled skin you want to remove, laser resurfacing is one option, as long as you do not have dark skin. If you want to remove stretch marks, this may not be the right procedure for you.

Lasers are used in this procedure to target fine lines, including crow’s feet. The procedure can be completed in less than an hour, and recovery time is just 24 hours. Swelling is normal after the procedure, but the treated area often heals completely in 21 days.

17. Thermage Treatment: A Non-Invasive Way to Treat Wrinkles

For those who have a low tolerance for discomfort, a longer procedure known as Thermage could be the best anti-aging treatment. In this option, you only need one session, which lasts for an hour and a half, at the most.

Patients can expect cool and hot bursts during treatment. Your skin will probably look red after the session. What makes this wrinkle treatment different is that you do not need any recovery time. Aside from that, patients can continue seeing results and improvements from six months to one year after the procedure.

While you can make age line less noticeable, you can’t eliminate them completely. It’s not the same thing as when you remove wrinkles using a clothes dryer; however, you can always achieve great results when you pamper your skin on a regular basis.

To a woman, aging can be a dreadful thing. Fortunately, new products and cosmetic technology can help remove wrinkles and delay aging. While these 17 remedies are highly effective, it would also be helpful to maintain a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep, and follow a good skincare routine, as well.

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