17 Effective Weight Loss Diet Tips for Amazing Results

17 Effective Weight Loss Diet Tips for Amazing Results

When it comes to losing weight, it would be best to remember this: certain weight loss diet plans work for some people, but not for others.

With countless tips and suggestions on the web, and some contradicting each other, we feel the same pain like many of you. It’s plain confusing.

Hence, we did some serious work to discover what actually works and remove all BS so that you get only the good stuff…

A informative list of the top effective weight loss diet tips.

Find out which of the 17 effective tips work best to help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

1. Learn to Count Calories and Choose Foods with a Lower Caloric Content

Choose Foods with a Lower Caloric ContentCalorie counting can yield great results when you are trying to lose weight. Decreasing your caloric intake is vital in the weight loss process. Changing the way you eat is the first step to achieving the kind of body you want.

For those who are dieting, learning about proper caloric intake is a must. Even if you eat less, if your food choices are poor, starving yourself will not yield results. The best choices for low-calorie foods include grains, broth and yogurt.

For individuals who find calorie counting hard to do, there are apps that can help with the process. Most of the weight loss apps now have a calorie calculator to help you make better food choices.

2. Improving Your Water Intake Can Increase Your Body’s Fat Burning Abilities

Improving Your Water IntakeProper hydration is necessary for a healthy body. For those who are interested in losing weight, drinking more water could bring fast results. When you are on a natural weight loss diet, taking out all beverages out of your diet, except for water and perhaps a cup of tea or coffee, could help you reach your goals faster.

A lot of people are hooked on beverages containing tons of calories. A can of soda or a bottle of fruit juice contains more calories than you can imagine. Taking them out of your diet and drinking more water, which contains zero calories can help you drop some pounds in a month or two. For people who are watching their weight, water can also help with the hunger pangs by keeping you full for a longer amount of time.

A research study has also revealed that people who improved their water intake without changing anything else in their diet lost two kilograms over a 12-week period. This just proves how powerful drinking water and be, and why you should start the habit of consuming more of this healthy zero calorie drink.

3. Throw Out All the Junk in Your Cupboard

Throw Out All the Junk in Your CupboardIt is always easier to say no to unhealthy foods in the grocery aisles, than when they sit in your cupboard. This nugget of wisdom should be one of your guiding principles in weight loss. When you are trying to eat healthier meals, you can make the process easier on yourself by cutting your access to junk food. Instead of junk food, stock up on healthier choices at home.

Another practice that you should stop doing is constantly ordering fast food. The meals served in these places contain too little nutrition and too many calories. Get into the habit of preparing your own meals, or swap that fat-laden burger for a healthier whole grain sandwich. These small changes can help you save money, allow you to enjoy preparing your food, and help you shed some pounds off your weight without starving.

4. Focus on Eating Fat-Burning Veggies

Fat Burning VeggiesPeople who are on a diet are advised to increase their vegetable intake. However, new studies show that not all veggies are made equal. In fact, some can burn more fat than others. Armed with this knowledge, you should make wiser choices the next time you pick your vegetables.

Some of the best choices when you are shopping for the best veggies for burning fat include onions. Onions can destroy your body’s fat stores and improve your body’s ability to burn fat. Just like onions, spinach is the perfect pick for weight loss. Popeye’s favorite food improves muscle mass, allowing you to burn more calories while at rest.

Aside from these two, broccoli, potato and peppers could also improve the body’s fat burning ability.

5. Skipping Meals is the Best Way to RUIN Your Weight Loss Diet

weight lossGoing on a diet is not about eating less, it is about eating smart. Changing your food choices is a vital component of a good diet. For those who are following a fast weight loss diet and choose one which requires eating less than the recommended caloric intake, there would surely be repercussions.

The human body has nutritional needs. Even if you are on a diet, you need to eat enough foods to sustain your energy requirements. Otherwise, your body could end up storing, and not burning fat. The biggest mistake many people who are on a weight loss program commit is skipping meals to save calories.

Dieting and starving yourself are two different things. When you are on a diet, you should still eat, although your food choices should be healthier. In fact, many diet programs encourage eating on time and warn against skipping meals.

6. Stay Away Boredom: Keeping Your Mind and Hands Busy Could Improve Your Eating Habits

 Keeping Your Mind and Hands BusyMost people do not eat when they are hungry. They eat because they are bored; hence, it is not enough to stick to a weight loss diet plan. You should also design activities that will occupy your time.

When people do not have any other activity to occupy them, they tend to eat more. Replace these idle times with something more productive. For instance, doing chores around the house or doing something that you always wanted to start or finish, can occupy your mind and even make you happier. These simple changes could help you on your way to losing weight, because you are replacing a bad habit with a healthy one.

7. Keep Healthy Snacks at Hands

Watermelon slicesFor those who feel the urge to eat something to assuage their stomach in mid-afternoon, there is nothing wrong with you. Around this time, your body will be asking for food since your last meal has been hours away. It is completely acceptable if you feel the need to eat something.

Unfortunately, these hunger pangs often ruin people’s dietary intake. When you are hungry, the most convenient thing to do seems to reach for the nearest snack. If it is a bag of chips, then you could ruin your calorie budget for the day.

Given these reasons, you should invest time in preparing healthy snacks. Watermelon slices, chopped vegetables, or healthy sandwiches can spare you from guilt tripping yourself later.

8. Play Mind Tricks to Help You Stick to Your Diet

smaller platesTrickery is one tool that a lot of women resort to while dieting. Among the most popular trick is to eat in front of a mirror, and to use a smaller plate.

Eating in front of a mirror works since seeing yourself pigging out is not a good sight.

People often feel more conscious when seeing themselves while eating. Meanwhile, a smaller plate could trick the mind easily since portions look bigger when you reduce the size of your plate.

These two things seem to work for some people, but not for everyone. Needless to say, they are still worth trying, especially if you have tried everything and are out of ideas.

9. Don’t Skip the Entrée

saladDieting can be difficult outside the confines of your home. For those who do not want to violate the terms of their diet without missing out on opportunities to dine out, here is one valuable tip  go for the entrée.

A study conducted by Penn State revealed some outstanding knowledge – people who consumed soup or salad before a meal reduced their caloric intake by about 12 percent. Overall, the same people reduced total calories eaten by 20 percent compared to those who skipped the entrée.

Since soups and salads are rich in fiber, they can fill you up. This means you will feel a lesser need to overeat when you get right down to your proper meal.

10. Go for Real Foods

Go for Real FoodsWeight loss is a million-dollar industry, which is why it is not surprising there are a lot of weight loss products in the marketplace. People spend thousands of dollars in search of the perfect diet food. The Atkins diet and the Paleo weight loss diet are just two of the numerous diet programs available to people who want to lose weight.

For those who want to make the process of losing weight healthier, sticking to real food should be the goal. Instead of choosing diet food, prepare dishes from whole foods.

Keep in mind that real food could have more calories than processed foods, but those extra calories can help with the body with its energy needs. This kind of food also contains the healthy fats that are required by your body.

11. Consume Fruits in their Natural Form

Consume FruitsFruits are healthy food options, but keep in mind that too much of these sweet natural treats can ruin your diet. When you are planning to add fruit to you diet, it is also necessary to consume these foods in their natural form. Adding sugar or another additive can increase the calories you consume, and this is not good for your diet.

If you are planning to add fruit to your weight loss diet menu, you need to make wise choices. Try to choose foods that will fill you up such as apples, watermelon and bananas; however, be sure to integrate the caloric content of these foods to your overall diet plan.

12. Stay Away from Beer

beerDrinking beer can be quite relaxing, especially in the company of your friends; however, for those who are trying to stick to their weight loss diet, this drink is a big no-no. Regular beer drinkers have a beer belly, which is one reason why it would be better to go for other types of drinks.

Beer contains a lot of calories; hence, people on a diet should stop all those beer drinking sessions. In general, alcohol is not advisable when you are trying to lose weight, but if you should drink, ditch the beer and look for another option. Drink less, alternate with water or choose lighter options.

13. Ban Artificial Sweeteners from Your Diet

Ban Artificial Sweeteners from Your DietArtificial sweeteners seems to be becoming quite popular these days. Bear in mind that these are not considered to be weight loss foods and you should stay away from them.

Some of these sugar substitutes claim to aid fat loss without depriving you of sweets. While these claims seem to be supported by their nutritional content, these sweeteners undergo too much processing.

Rather than sticking to those sugar alternatives, you are better off with regular sugar. In fact, research shows that these sugar substitutes can make your cravings worse. Aside from that, they could also increase your weight gain and your body’s ability to store fat. Another side effect includes a bigger appetite, which can push you to go far beyond your calorie budget.

In the long run, these sweeteners can harm your body and destroy your diet.

14. Remember, the Best Weight Loss Foods Are High in Fiber

vegetablesFibrous foods are your best friend when you are trying to stick to your weight loss diet chart. Fiber can improve your body’s ability to digest food. It can also help in cleaning your digestive system. With these capabilities, fiber is the perfect choice when you are shopping for the best addition to your weight loss menu.

Vegetables, especially those that are recommended for weight loss, have high fiber content. These foods are good for your overall health. Another reason why fiber is a good choice is the fact that it can make you fuller for a longer amount of time. You can suffer from fewer hunger pangs when you eat food high in fiber.

In fact, you can lose weight without trying, if you add a generous amount of fiber in your diet. Since a caloric deficit is required to lose weight, fiber helps you stick to that budget without a lot of effort or hunger.

15. Do Not Deprive Yourself of Your Favorite Treats

Do Not Deprive Yourself of Your Favorite TreatsDieting requires you to set aside your favorite foods especially the unhealthy ones in favor of healthier choices. While you need to make sure that what you eat is just enough to meet your daily caloric budget, this does not mean that you have to give up everything.

You can still add your favorite treats to your diet; however, you need to decrease the portions and make adjustments. Aside from that, you should reserve those treats for milestones in your weight loss process. This way, you can have something to look forward to and you won’t feel deprived.

16. Read Food Labels All the Time

What is in your food? If you have no idea, the best thing to do is to jump right to the list of nutrients in your food.

Although the nutritional value cannot tell the entire story, it can give you a firm idea of what you are eating. This could also help you become more familiar with the number of calories in your food.

When reading these labels, don’t just focus on the number of calories, you also need to look into the serving size. Other vital information in these labels include fat, carbs, and sodium. All these things can help you decide if you should be eating something or not.

17. Meal Planning is A Must

Meal Planning is A MustPlanning is an integral part of achieving any kind of goal; you should apply the same mentality in your diet. When you embark on a journey to lose weight, you need to plan ahead. This means you should plot what you are going to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

By doing this step, you can avoid eating unhealthy foods. Snacks should also be included in your plans. Make sure that your plans are realistic and only list foods you have direct access to. Better yet, include foods you know how to prepare.


Now’s Your Turn

Start by choosing one or two tips to try each week, and eventually, these 17 tips can help you with your weight loss goals.

Almost every person wants to lose weight. Becoming healthier is a great goal and to make it happen, you need to make solid changes in your lifestyle. Keep in mind that diet is just part of the process. There are other factors that you need to consider such as exercise, meditation and getting enough rest.

When it comes to your weight loss diet, changes are mainly about shifting to healthier meals. Dieting is not about depriving your body of nutrients, it is about getting enough vitamins and minerals to your body to maximize its effectiveness.

Avoid fad and crash diets, as it would be better to go slow, but sure. Remember, it is more sustainable to maintain your weight if you shed pounds gradually.

Let us know which ones work best for you in the comments section below…

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