How To Read The Flirting Body Language Of A Man

How to Read the Flirting Body Language of a ManIs he being friendly or is he flirting with you? If you are confused by a man’s intentions, you could use some lessons on body language. Getting hints from the body language of men can save you from embarrassing yourself.

Men often mistake friendliness as the body language for attraction, so you must tread carefully. Given this fact, it is better for you to understand when a guy is being polite or when he is showing a romantic interest in you. Here are 20 flirting body language cues that may help you understand what that man you keeping running into is thinking.

1. Holding Your Gaze for More Than a Second Signals Attraction

Gaze for More Than a SecondEye contact is one way to convey interest without saying a word. When you hold someone’s gaze across the room and hold it for more than a second, it conveys attraction. Someone who looks away, but meets your gaze afterward could be attracted to you, too.

If a stranger does either of the two, that man could find you attractive. If you met a stranger’s gaze, that guy might come your way and talk to you.

2. Eye Contact and a Smile is Definitely a Sign

Eye Contact and a SmileWhether you are a man or a woman, eye contact and smiling means you find someone attractive. If you are in a bar or a party, catching someone’s eye can be accidental. If this is coupled with a smile, that is another thing.

And if a guy holds your gaze and smiles, it would be safe to say he is trying to catch your eye, too. So if you return the smile, chances are he will make his way to your side soon. It is also normal for a guy to chat you up in the hopes of getting to know you better.

3. A Guy Who Finds You Interesting Looks at You Three-Quarters of the Time

 Looks at You Three-Quarters of the TimeIf a guy is talking to you and you think he is flirting, here’s one tip to help you. Observe how much time he spends holding eye contact. When someone finds you attractive, that person will look at you three-quarters of the time. Eye contact could also last for up to seven seconds.

In normal conversations, glancing briefly to the listener is common. When someone keeps looking at you while talking, it could mean interest. If you like that person back, this is definitely a positive sign.

Eye contact is important. One study revealed that holding a person’s gaze can lead to feelings of attraction. You can decide if you like someone in just a minute and a half to four minutes.

4. His Flirting Body Language Involves Staring at Your Lips

Staring at Your LipsWhen a guy is attracted to you, their gaze would often stray to your lips. Normally, people look at the eyes and the tip of the nose when they are listening to someone talk. To the contrary, when someone is interested in you, their gaze could reach downwards to your lips.

This subconscious staring at your puckers could signal interest. When reading body language, flirting can be shown in many ways, and staring at your lips is one indication. Their eyes could stray to that area of your face when a person is thinking about kissing you. When someone likes you, their thoughts usually stray to how your lips may feel and taste.

5. Body Language: Flirting Men Assume a Stance to Look Taller

Look TallerWhen a man is flirting with a woman, he may change his posture. Instead of his normal pose, he will try to assume a position that could improve his overall appearance. The pose should be something that makes him look taller and more open.

When a man tries to flex his muscles or suck in his gut, he may be trying to look sexy for you. Doing this helps him bolster his confidence. This type of posture is supposed to help him stand out, so you will notice him.

6. His Thumbs Are on His Belt to Enhance His Virility

man’s hands are on his hipsWhen a man’s hands are on his hips or when his thumbs are hooked on his belt, he might like you, too. This posture exudes confidence in men. This could also be his way to show off how virile he is.

This stance highlights the genital area. In a way, this sends a signal that a man is virile. So, if he is constantly doing this pose, he could be attracted to you.

7. Postural Mirroring Signals He Wants You to Think You are Compatible

Postural Mirroring SignalsHave you ever observed how people in love are often in sync? It’s not just because of the time they spend in each other’s company. There is a science behind that.

Subconsciously, you match the pose of your partner. This indicates rapport and harmony. When you notice how often he copies your movements, it’s a sign that he likes you, too.

You can mimic someone’s stance to make him or her believe you have similar sentiments. When someone mirrors you, you are also bound to treat that person favorably.

8. He is Trying to Avoid Frowning Because He Likes You

Avoid FrowningEvery time you glance at him is he smiling or laughing? If you find a guy looking happy every time your gaze strays at him, he may be trying to look good for you. Research suggests that males modify their expressions depending on the observer.

In one study, men were watching a horror film while someone observed their expressions. The subjects were informed whether an attractive or unattractive assistant was watching. The results revealed that subjects managed to school their expressions when they knew that someone attractive was watching. This ability reveals how guys try to manage how they look when someone they find attractive is observing them.

9. One of His Body Language Signs Involves Leaning In

Leaning InA guy who likes you will try to bridge the gap. When someone leans in when talking to you, he probably finds you attractive. Of course, the context matters, too. If there is limited space, leaning in is more of a necessity than a gesture to show he likes you.

Another thing to look into is the way he behaves when sitting. When he hangs on every word you say and seems to perch at the end of his seat, it’s a sure sign he finds you attractive too. Leaning in is also a female body language when flirting. If conversations always end up with both of you straining to be closer to each other, this could be the beginning of romance.

10. He Often Tries to Isolate You Because He is Probably Interested

Do you find yourself isolated when a guy chats you up? When a guy tries to catch you alone while waiting in line or standing in your cubicle, he could be interested in you. If he is always trying to grab a private moment with you, he probably wants to be more than friends. This is true, unless that man wants to get you alone for other reasons.

If you have a guy friend who loves doing this, he could be more attracted to you than you think. If someone tries to do the opposite and he is quite shy, it does not necessarily mean he is not into you. Shy guys often find it necessary to give you space, even if they find you attractive.

11. Looking at His Feet Will Tell You Volumes

Looking at His FeetFeet can say a lot about a guy’s interest in you. The direction his body is facing could be a good way to determine if he likes you or not. If you notice his feet are pointing towards you, this indicates his interest. Meanwhile, if they are pointing in the opposite direction, he is just being polite.

When both feet are pointing towards you, this is an even better sign. He is subconsciously trying to show you how he approachable he is, and that he is harmless.

12. He Tries to Grab Your Attention by Showing Off His Social Worth

crack jokesDoes he try to show off his achievements when you are together? Bragging is one way men try to signal their high social worth to the women they like. This could be his intention when he talks about his accomplishments. The same can be said for his penchant for showing off his flare in sports.

A guy who tries to crack jokes or acts silly could also be vying for your attention. This is one way he wants to hold your gaze. He probably hopes making you laugh could pull you in his direction.

13. Nonverbal Communication: Flirting Men Tend to Make Their Voices Deeper

VoicesIf you are confused as to whether a guy likes you or not, pay more attention to his voice, not his words. You can tell when someone finds you interesting by the way he sounds. Men alter the pitch of their voices when talking to an attractive woman. This makes them appear more caring.

Voice modulation is one of the most common tools in courtship. So, when a man’s voice tends to change subtly when he is talking to you, it’s a sign. Coupled with other signals, it could be a positive indicator that he is into you.

14. He Finds Excuses to Touch You as Much as Possible

Touch You Do you have a friend who always picks the lint off your jacket? Is he also the kind of person who pats you on the shoulder or hugs you often? He could find you attractive, although he has not been able to confess his feelings to you yet.

The male body language for flirting involves grooming. This is a primitive instinct signaling care. This is a subconscious effort to take care of people you want to socialize with. Men who are a bit forward could try to touch you randomly, but in a subtle way.

A touch helps a person convey emotions without saying a word. At the same time, it helps build trust. When he is finding excuses to touch you, he might want more than a platonic friendship. If you like him to, there is a chance a hot romance is budding.

15. He Adjusts His Pace for You

He Adjusts His Pace for YouWhen a man likes a woman, and finds her interesting, he adjusts his cadence and walking speed for her. Men often walk faster than women because they are usually taller, so their stride is longer. If he adjusts his pace for you, this could convey his interest in being with you.

Walking fast is practical for men. If he goes out of the way to slow down and keep up with you, he has an interest in you. You can try slowing down your pace intentionally to test it out.

If he goes on ahead, then he might just find you as a friend. If he slows down so you walk at the same pace, he is willing to bear the opportunity cost to be in your company.

16. He Compares the Size of Your Hands

Compares the Size of Your HandsOne indication of interest is when a guy tries to see how big your hands are. This is an excuse to touch your hand. Measuring hands often lead to something more intimate, especially because your palm is pressed against his.

Touching, as noted above, builds trust. Holding your hand, in this case, is an even better sign of how much he fancies you.

17. He Raises a Brow to Indicate an Opening for Subtle Flirtation

Raises a BrowBy nature, men are puzzled about women and their nature; however, men have subtle ways of asking whether they like you too. One way they do this is with a raised brow. This signals curiosity in men, but it can also mean he is suspicious.

When interacting with the opposite sex, a raised brow signals a question. This could be his way of asking if you are interested in him, too. If you are talking to a guy and he raises one brow, your reaction could be his signal on what to do next.

If you ignore him or respond in a negative way, he will know he should leave you alone. That is if he is the kind of guy who just lets things go. If you smile, he could come over and ask for your name, if you are a stranger. If you know each other, he could take it as a friendly signal to exchange niceties or something more.

18. He Gestures a Lot When You’re Around to Look Open

 turns up his palmsHand gestures are normal for most people, but when a guy likes you, he will gesture more than usual. Being more animated in his speech is a positive sign he is interested.

A guy who turns up his palms more often tries to exude openness. This is also a gesture of agreeableness and power. If he tends to act more animated when you are around, he could be hinting on his motives. This subtle signal is a flirting body language showing he has a deep interest in you.

19. He Lingers After Saying Goodbye

He Lingers After Saying GoodbyeYou finally make it to the first date. Did you notice how he kept looking back as if he didn’t want to say goodbye? If you did, this is a positive sign. It indicates he didn’t want to let you go. If this was the first date, he is probably looking forward to seeing more of you.

If your date leaves with a glance back with a smile, this is even a more positive response. There’s a greater likelihood he returns your feelings, too.

20. He Sits or Stands with His Feet Apart

He Sits or Stands with His Feet ApartWhen a guy spreads his legs when standing is sitting in front of you, it could signal his attraction. This is a subconscious, primal instinct to show off his assets. Most men do not notice they are doing this.

If you notice a guy using this stance often, he could be attracted to you. When he sits or stands with his legs apart and you are not interested, try to subtly and gently let him down.

Reading body language for flirting requires keen powers of observation. Whether you are a shy woman or you want men to take the lead, you can find ways to tell if he has an interest in you. These clues can help you react and bolster your confidence, too.

Always consider the context and the venue. The meaning of these gestures also depends on the situation. With these 20 flirting body language interpretations, you can improve your reaction to the men around you without looking too flirtatious or being too forward.


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