What Attracts Men to Women: A Simple How-To Guide

What Attracts Men to Women A Simple How To GuideWhen you don’t have a beau and February comes rolling in, bringing with it Valentines Day, you might ask yourself: “Am I not attractive enough to find love?”

Every person has an attractive quality, but sometimes you can use some polish in other aspects to highlight your assets. The same goes in the dating pool – you need to put in some effort to make men see that you are a good catch. The bigger question is what attracts men to women?

To bring out your best qualities and make guys notice you, here are 11 simple things you can do to be more attractive.

1. Add More Reds to Your Wardrobe: Why Men Find This Color Irresistible

A Study published in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has a solid answer to the age-old question, “What makes men attracted to women?” University of Rochester psychology professors, Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta, conducted five experiments on how the male population is affected when in the presence of the color red.

What these studies found out provides more insight into the male psyche – men behave like animals when it comes to sexual signals, and this is one reason why they are attracted to red. In fact, pictures of women framed by the red or wearing red were more attractive to the male subjects.

The men in the study were not just drawn to the pictures of women wearing red – they were also more likely to ask that woman to an expensive date or the prom. If you are not into wearing red, this might be the best opportunity to add more colors to your wardrobe. As far as fashionable items and color schemes go, there is a wide range of reds that you can choose from, plus, you have another excuse to splurge and buy new clothes.

2. Go Nude: Why Less Makeup is More Attractive

Go NudMost women use makeup to look more pleasing, but when it comes to catching a man’s attention, less is more. The cosmetics industry is a million-dollar business and for good reason; however, women might not need tons of gunk on their face to get a guy’s attention. One experiment revealed both men and women found pictures where the models wore 40 percent less makeup to be more attractive.

The study concluded women apply makeup thinking that it is a standard of beauty. Unfortunately, women’s perception of the standard for makeup has no basis at all. This study, which started making rounds in 2014 could be one of the reasons for the no-makeup trend.

A bare face is what attracts men to women, or so the study claims. The next time you go out, try to go easy when applying your makeup, but do not skip on moisturizers and sunblock – these items are just indispensable in anyone’s beauty routine.

3. Take Photos at a Larger Distance: Reasons Those Close-Up Selfies are Less Attractive

Close-Up Selfies are Less AttractiveBeing attractive to the male population is not just something you can do in person as your pictures can also speak for themselves. In this day and age where people are on social media, like Facebook, Instagram and Tinder all the time, the best way to improve your chances in attracting a guy may improve exponentially when you take better pictures.

Your pictures can say so much about you. No, you do not have to show more skin in your photos to look more attractive. You should become more comfortable about staying further from the camera. Close photos might show your features closer, but they tend to look less attractive.

A study by the California Institute of Technology shows that the distance between the lens and the subject can make a huge difference in how people rate your attractiveness. Your appearance has nothing to do with it. It’s just the way humans rate someone’s attractiveness in a picture.

Close-up photos tend to warp your appearance, thanks to the lighting and other effects. The findings revealed that photos like those make you less trustworthy and incompetent, and if you want to attract someone, you want to look genuine and independent. Knowing how to choreograph your next shots is extremely useful for attracting women and men.

4. Send Subtle Signals: How to Attract Men with Eye Contact and a Smile

eye contact with a strangerWhen it comes to attracting men, you may be more of the wallflower type. If this is the case, you might want to find a subtler way to push the guy you like into making the first move.

You will need one thing to make that happen: a little bit of confidence. You need to summon just enough guts to make eye contact with a stranger and to manage a smile. If you can manage just one thing, go for the broad smile.

One flirting study revealed that the best way to make a man approach you is to smile. Being perceived as attractive is not about how you look physically, but your attitude and personality. The same study also revealed, that to increase your chances of attracting a guy, you need to send 35 signals an hour for the highest success rate.

If you can manage to make eye contact multiple times and accompany each time with a smile, the chances are good that the guy will approach you, and in fact, they increase by a whopping 60 percent. Just using eye contact without smiling is not a bad idea, there is only a 20 percent chance a man will approach you to strike up a conversation, compared to adding a warm smile.

5. Red Lips Never Fail: Hold a Man’s Attention Longer with the Perfect Pout

Red LipsWhat attracts men to women? Psychology has another answer that involves color. This time, it’s red lipstick.

Red lipstick is not a new discovery. In fact, even the Ancient Egyptians knew that red lips have a dazzling effect on men, and it can increase how attractive women are to them. A study by the University of Manchester corroborates this age-old tradition, and based on their experiments, women have higher chances of looking more appealing to men when they wear lipstick.

Out of all the shades, red seems to be the favorite. The findings reveal that red lipstick can hold a man’s attention for about 7.3 seconds, while pink lipstick can do it for only 6.7; however, a red pucker can draw less attention to your eyes, and men spend less than a second appreciating the windows to your soul when you wear lipstick.

If you would rather look natural, your eyes get most of the attention and men spend roughly three seconds looking at them, followed by your nose and lastly, your lips. What attracts men to women the most based on the study is full lips, so it was not too surprising that Angelina Jolie landed on top of the list.

6. Wear Shades: An Air of Mystery is What Attracts Men to Women

Wear ShadesIrrespective of gender, people generally rank those who wear sunglasses as more attractive. Wearing shades do look cool, but they are also functional, as they allow you to look directly ahead while driving or walking when it’s sunny outdoors. Aside from protecting your vision, wearing sunglasses also keeps you young by preventing the sensitive area under your eyes from direct sun exposure. On top of these benefits, sunglasses make you look hotter and instantly more attractive.

For those who need some tricks up their sleeves to look more attractive, wearing sunglasses can be the answer. Why? One research suggests that wearing sunglasses makes your face more symmetrical. Human brains often link beauty to symmetry and when you have a pair of sunglasses on, you can achieve that since they cover up the areas around your eyes where some irregularities usually exist.

A pair of sunglasses also adds a layer of mystery to a person. Men love the thrill of some secrecy. Wearing sunglasses that prevent him from looking directly into your eyes and reading your emotions can be attractive to him. This same secretive nature is what attracts women to men.

In some way, wearing sunglasses can work like alcohol, because some people act more selfish or dishonest while wearing them. The feeling of anonymity is also another thing you can take advantage of when you need some push to act more confident towards a guy you like.

7. Make the Most Out of Ovulation: Why Men are More Attracted to Women That Time of the Month

More Attracted to Women That Time of the MonthTracking your ovulation cycle is not just a must for people who want a baby. Single women should know their cycles, too, and for practical reasons. Knowing when you are fertile is useful because it is the best time to strike when you like some guy or you want someone to hit on you.

What attracts men to women? Scientifically speaking, the male population is highly attracted to ovulating women. With this at the back of your mind, you have the ultimate weapon to attract the guy that you like – ovulation.

There is a consensus that the male population’s attraction to ovulating women is due to a man’s penchant for procreation. Ovulating women are more attractive, since they release pheromones. Although these pheromones do not have any fragrance, the nose of a man can still detect it through the Vomeronasal organ. These pheromones have much to do with a person’s sexual urges.

There are some alternative explanations about this besides men’s primitive urge to procreate. A study made by Matthew Davis at the University of Texas revealed that ovulating women tend to feel more attractive and less stressed during this time of the month.

Due to this positive mood, women tend to dress up more, which makes them more attractive. There are physical changes during ovulation too – the waistline tends to decrease by half an inch and the breasts become more symmetrical. This physical advertising is what makes a woman more attractive to a man.

8. Bring Out Your Sexiest Voice: Vocal Attraction is More Powerful Than You Think

Sexiest VoiceWhat attracts men to women physically could warrant a long list of qualities including the breasts, bum, and legs. For women who feel inferior about their appearance, there’s another way to attract the partner that you like, and this one is even stronger than physical attraction: your voice. A study suggests that a person’s voice can have a big impact and it could even affect someone’s first impression of you.

People often associate an attractive voice with a pleasing personality and an attractive face. Men find women with high-pitched voices more attractive. So, if you want to attract someone, modulating your voice to make it sound more feminine and sexier could be the way to go.

Unfortunately, there are also some downsides to having an attractive voice. Men and women whose voices are pleasing tend to have more sexual partners and they often end up having sex early in the relationship.

Nevertheless, improving the tone of your voice when speaking to the person you like could send him a signal that you are interested in him. After all, the research also reveals that subconsciously, you change the modulation of your voice when talking to someone you like without even knowing it.

9. Speak Your Mind: Reasons Intelligence is an Attractive Quality to Men

Speak Your MindMen may have huge egos, but they love a good conversation. If you have something to say, do not be afraid to go ahead and talk about the things you like, as long as it doesn’t come off as offensive to the other party.

A woman’s intelligence used to rank last on the list of qualities that men looked for in a mate, but don’t let that deter you from speaking your mind. When a man tries to start a conversation with you, chances are they also find you attractive. This is not the platonic “hi” and “how are you?” either. When a man puts in enough effort to get a conversation going, it is your best shot to show him how charming you are.

As detailed in one advice column, women should stop obsessing about whether if guy likes them or not. When a guy talks to you, he probably likes you. If you like that guy too, you should show him your good side. Conversing with a bit more flirtation that you usually use would be great, especially if you can tell this man finds you attractive.

10. Brush Up on Body Language: How to Show Him You’re Interested Without Saying a Word

How to Show Him You’re Interested Without Saying a WordConfidence is key to attracting any fellow you like, but learning a bit of body language to see if they like you back can be useful, too. When you engage in conversation with someone you know and secretly like, one way to show them you are interested is to lean in. Doing this will subconsciously pull them to you, and this can be useful when you are in a group. This may be a subtle way of showing interest, but more often than not, it works.

Another thing you can do to show how interested you are when he speaks is to gaze at him while tilting your head. You can read up on some of these subtle signs, too.

Looking at a guy’s feet can give you a lot of information about him. When his feet points towards you, he is either interested in what you have to say or attracted to you. Learning these nonverbal cues are helpful, since they can make you more confident when you know the guy you like finds you attractive, too.

11. Be Genuine: True Confidence Means Being Yourself

Be GenuineWhen you meet a guy for the first time or bump into the guy you like out of the blue, there could certainly be tons of things going through your head. The best advice for you is to be just yourself. What attracts men to women emotionally is just one thing: honesty. If you let him see your true self from the beginning, a second or third date will not be difficult to pull off.

Live in the moment and do not hesitate to smile. If it’s the first time that you meet someone, it could be awkward at first; however, try to give the person a chance to find some common ground.

While on a date, try not to dominate the conversation. There are some people who can’t seem to stop talking when they are nervous. Try to calm down and remind yourself that the person you are meeting is just as nervous and pressured as you are.

If at any point you feel that a guy makes you feel uncomfortable in a negative way, you have every right to excuse yourself. You may be sitting there asking yourself, “Why do men disrespect women?” So, if a guy is obnoxious, you can always leave him. True confidence means loving yourself enough to walk away from an unpleasant situation.

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away and dating someone by then would be great. Hopefully, the stubborn guy you have a crush on, or that special someone who seems so nice and sweet will notice your lovely qualities. Being single during “heart’s day” is not the end of the world. Just because you don’t have a date, that doesn’t mean you are unattractive.

What attracts men to women is not just her looks or her bust line, because men who deserve you should look beyond all those physical qualities. While waiting for the right guy to appear on your radar, remember to relax and have fun.


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