22 Affordable and Unique Wedding Ideas That Will Rock Your Big Day

22 Affordable and Unique Wedding Ideas That Will Rock Your Big DayPlanning your own wedding is hard. As if looking for caterers, a venue, dresses and flowers is not enough, you probably need to do everything on a limited budget, too.

On top of all that, there’s the pressure of holding a wedding people can’t stop talking about.

Your special day may be momentous for you and your spouse, but you also want your guests to enjoy and remember it. Here are 22 unique wedding ideas to make your big day iconic and memorable without going over your budget.

1. Energy Stations: Create Posh Seating Areas for Lounging

Posh Seating Areas for LoungingWith all the dancing and festive activities, guests need a breather, too. Caring for your guest’s feet will make your wedding iconic. It also allows you to set up photo op areas in your venue.

Lounge areas in your wedding can adapt to any theme you choose. Depending on the theme you have in mind, you can choose a nightclub setup or a cozy, rustic one. There are tons of resources on the internet if you need some ideas on what to do.

When setting up a lounge, never forget the tables. Guests will most likely be carrying a beverage, so having a table is convenient. Lounge areas also need to have a variety of seating arrangements. Some guests have a special someone with them, while others would rather enjoy their own private seat.

2. Biodegradable Confetti: Ditch the Toxic Paper for Natural Petals

Natural PetalsGo green on your wedding day by using flower petals instead of colorful paper as confetti. Dried flowers make aromatic and colorful, yet organic confetti.

The best choice for table confetti includes rosebuds and delphinium. For wedding photos, delphinium petals look stunning. These petals are nearly weightless, making them look like they are floating. This makes it easier to get an impressive picture of the flower petals as they waft through the air.

If commercially available flower confetti is out of your budget, there an alternative. You can air dry flower petals by yourself. Rosebuds, delphinium spires and lavender are affordable. If you are new to air drying flowers, here’s what you need to do.

  • Divide the flower stems. Each bunch needs to have six stems.
  • Secure them carefully. Use an elastic band to tie each bunch together.
  • Let them dry. Hang the flowers upside down in your cupboard or any dry space.

It could take at least a week for the flowers to dry up. Once your petals are ready, remove the petals from the stem. Be sure to choose flowers with different colors.

3. DIY Flower Crowns: Unique Wedding Ideas for Wedding Guests

Flower CrownsWeddings can be a boring affair if you are a guest. The newly wedded couple needs to freshen up and take tons of photos. To make use of so much free time, you can set up a DIY flower station to entertain guests.

DIY flower crowns are easy to make. You can find detailed tutorials online. Plus, it serves as an icebreaker in weddings where people don’t want to ask or answer personal questions. Creating these crowns could also make guests feel they are part of the wedding and not just bystanders.

This is one of the best wedding reception entertainment ideas for crafty guests in attendance. Your guests might even discover they have a unique talent.

4. Fascinating Guest Book: Imaginative Ways to Collect Well Wishes

Ways to Collect Well WishesRight after the wedding, chances are the guestbook ends up in the attic or the storage. To avoid digging through so much stuff when you feel like reminiscing, forget your traditional guest book ideas. Find something guests will love to fill out, too.

There are many artistic guestbook ideas such as:

  • Postcards
  • Christmas balls
  • Coasters
  • Fingerprint board

Don’t be afraid to do something no couple has done before. Your guests could even use your idea to inspire their own wedding.

5. Photo Booths: A Sure-Fire Way to Entertain Guests

Photo BoothsWedding pictures make great keepsakes. It’s not surprising why photo booths are becoming a trend, so having one in your wedding reception would be cool, too. Photo booths can print pictures right away. These mementos could serve as an additional wedding favor for your guests.

If you can afford a themed photo booth, go for it. Taking pictures is one activity kids and older guests can enjoy. Plus, this activity gives them something to do when you are busy prepping for the reception. The pictures can also be uploaded online to keep your guests talking for weeks.

To hit two birds with one stone, these pictures are perfect for an album guest book. You can ask the photo booth attendant to assist guests in adding their picture on a page and leaving a message for you.

6. A Pop-Up Recording Studio: Guests Can Video Wedding Blessings

Pop-Up Recording StudioPhoto booths are getting quite popular in weddings and corporate events. If you want another unique wedding idea, you should consider setting up a video booth instead. Videos convey more emotion. Watching those clips years from now would be more delightful than flipping through pictures

You can set up a DIY recording station where guests can record a message for you. Better yet, set up a booth to allow them the privacy they need. You might even be surprised what guests have to say to you on record. It could be a unique experience, although some camera-shy guests might need a bit of prodding.

7. Make It Magical: Transform Your Venue with Creative Lighting

Transform Your Venue with Creative LightingAre you dreaming of holding a wedding right out of a fairytale book? Ambient lighting sets the mood in the venue. Using lighting is one of the unique wedding ideas on a budget people dismiss, but they shouldn’t because there are so many affordable options nowadays. Most couples think lighting up the venue is too expensive, but a little creativity can go a long way.

Lighting is functional and affordable, and with a bit of imagination, it will make your wedding stand out. When you want to focus on lighting, you can skip the expensive decor and flower arrangements. Highlighting key pieces with affordable candles or string lights would be enough.

Ambient lighting also serves as a creative canvas for wedding pictures. If you are out of ideas on the right lighting for your venue, a quick web search could give you tons of examples. If you feel crafty, you can also do DIY lighting.

8. Mind the Length: Wear a Short, White and Flirty Reception Dress

Wear a Short, White and Flirty Reception DressWeddings are mostly about the bride, so having more than one dress makes it twice the fun. Changing for the reception offers the bride greater freedom for doing things like dancing. Dragging a gown trail all day is not easy, after all.

Ivory and white dresses are perfect for the reception. If you change your dress, aim for a shorter and flirtier dress. Splurging on two dresses is not even necessary if you are intent on pulling this off.

Try shopping for a tulle skirt to wear over your short and flirty reception dress. You can drop by Pinterest to get some ideas on wearing a wedding gown with a detachable skirt.

9. The Groom’s Cake: Funny Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day

Groom's CakeDid you know there’s such thing as a groom’s cake? This tradition started in Victorian England, although it’s more popular in South America. The groom’s cake can take any form, including a baseball field, a helmet or even a monster.

If the groom’s cake is not popular where you live, it is time to make it a thing. A piece of the cake is often given to an unmarried woman. The woman who sleeps with the cake piece under her pillow could find a husband soon. Who knows, you might set a wedding trend in your city.

10. Functional Wedding Favors: Making Keepsakes Part of the Decor

Making Keepsakes Part of the DecorGuests who took the time to celebrate your special day with you deserve appreciation. The best way to show this is through unique wedding favor ideas.

Keepsakes come in all forms, but there are some unique ideas you can consider. For one, you want to give something guests will keep. Another tip is to make the wedding favor useful.

The centerpiece for tables could be a bunch of decorative favors arranged artistically. For beach weddings, sunglasses or fans could serve as wedding favors. Tiny potted plants with name tags can serve as place markers that guests can take home with them.

When choosing your wedding favors, always consider the theme and the venue. These two things will help you decide on the right thank you gift for your guests.

11. Your Wedding Website: One Place for Everyone’s Informational Needs

Wedding WebsiteIn this modern age, wedding websites are not just for the rich and the elite. You can set up one for free. There are a lot of advantages in having a website for your wedding.

Weddings can be stressful especially when guests keep calling you and your family for details. One way to manage the guest list and to help people attending your big day is to set up a site. You can add directions to the venue and list the details guests need to know.

With wedding sites, you can manage your list of confirmed guests. You can also set up the table arrangements and if you feel helpful, post a list of hotels and B&B’s.

12. Kids Entertainment: Keep Young Guests Occupied, Too

Kids EntertainmentWhen planning weddings, most couples fail to consider guests with younger kids. If you know a lot of your guests will bring their kids along, you need to plan for that. Weddings are supposed to be fun, not just for adults, but for youngsters, too.

Among the unconventional wedding ideas for couples expecting younger guests is to look for local entertainment for the youngsters. Hiring a DJ teenagers can relate to is another great way to keep those guests happy. When you expect several toddlers in attendance, your guests will appreciate if you book a room for nap time. Tantrums are the last thing you want to deal with on your big day.

13. Edible Favors: Sweets and Cookies Never Go Out of Style

Sweets and Cookies Never Go Out of StyleThanking guests for sharing your special day is a must, but you don’t need to break the bank to impress them. If you are a culinary genius, edible treats make memorable wedding favors. Giving out jams, scones, cookies and cupcakes could help you stick to your budget.

A custom designed favor or one with a pretty packaging would be great. Once you have your treats ready, you can just print out labels and thank you notes. If some guests refuse these favors, don’t feel bad. Some people won’t be able to eat them due to their health condition, but these types of favors will appeal to the younger set.

14. Skip the Bridal Car: Choose an Adventurous Means of Transportation

Adventurous Means of TransportationBridal cars are the conventional choice of transportation to the reception. You don’t need to stick to the traditional white car with flowers in front when your options are limitless. Depending on where you are holding the wedding, you can choose a unique transportation option to get to the different wedding venues.

Hopping on a train, using a school bus to transport you and the rest of the entourage, or riding a scooter can work when you are in an urban area. A boat could be an awesome choice of transport when you are near the sea or a lake. If you have money to spare, traveling by hot air balloon would be a unique wedding idea to leave the wedding hall and arrive at the venue.

15. Hangover Kits: Give Guests Some Help the Morning After

Weddings and booze often go together. Even if you watch what you drink, the loud music, dancing and stress can wreak havoc on your body. When you plan to attend a wedding, you should be prepared to feel tired or even have a bad headache the morning after. This is one of the simplest, yet unique wedding ideas on a budget that your guests will truly appreciate.

This unique wedding gift ideas for guests is thoughtful and practical. Your bag can contain sunglasses, a pain reliever, bottled water, mouthwash and an antacid. If your guests are flying in, giving them a map would be helpful, too. This show of concern is something guests will take note of, even after the ceremony.

16. Wedding Piñatas: Smack Something Pretty on Your Big Day

PiñatasPiñatas are becoming a popular wedding trend. This activity is fun, and guests can see how the bride and groom work with each other to smack the thing. Stylish piñatas can serve as décor and fits in a remarkable list of decors for a unique wedding reception ideas on a budget.

You can make your own piñata or find a design you like and look for a professional to create one for you. You can fill piñatas with anything including small toys, pins or candies.

17. Carnival Fun: Bring the Fair Atmosphere to Your Wedding

Carnival FunAre you holding an outdoor wedding? One cool idea to make it fun is to bring in the circus spirit, although you may want to skip on the clowns, lions and elephants. A circus-themed wedding is not too common and is one of those cool wedding ideas on a budget.

If you are taking some inspiration from the state fair for your wedding, you should set up a few games. The balloon wall and the ring toss could keep guests entertained in the reception. You can also give out traditional prizes, such as stuffed animals.

Serving food in bright, checkered paper would be ideal, too. Sticking to fair food, including corn dogs and fried chicken for dinner and cotton candy for dessert could keep your guests talking about what you did for your wedding.

18. Food Truck Weddings: Treat Guests to a Whole New Dining Experience

Food Truck When it comes to weddings, people think of caterers. If you want something out of the box, food trucks are an option, too. Your guests will not expect to grab a bite from a food truck on your wedding day. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though.

Food trucks are flexible, making them great for outdoor weddings. You need to choose the right food truck, so look for one that offers quality gourmet and unique foods. Iron out the details before the big day to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Some of the most important things include the food truck’s parking slot, the menu, and the plates. You want to know in advance if you need to provide kitchen utensils to fit your wedding theme.

19. Personalized Wedding Hymn: Ask a Musician to Compose a Song

Personalized Wedding HymnWeddings are highly personal affairs. To make the day even more special, you can ask a musician you know to write an original composition. If you are considering this option, be sure to give the person enough time.

Before you offer to give someone a chance to compose something for you, make sure you are familiar with their music. If you genuinely like the kind of music they are into, you can ask them for help.

20. Team Building: Plan Bonding Activities for the Wedding Party

Bonding ActivitiesIf you have plans to hold a wedding over the weekend, your wedding party might arrive in advance. Chances are, those people are strangers and only a few know each other. To break the ice, plan bonding activities to help the ladies and gents get acquainted.

Before the wedding, plan activities such as a “hen party,” a pizza lunch or a picnic for your guests. A welcome gift for guests flying over to join you and your groom would be a touching show of goodwill.

21. Pet-Friendly Ceremonies: Start a Trend, Invite an Adorable Animal

Pet-Friendly CeremoniesAre you a pet lover? If that’s the case, one of the unique wedding reception ideas for you is to invite your pet to the ceremony. As long as you don’t invite a wild animal, a pet could make the ceremony vibrant and refreshing.

If possible, ask your animal guests to dress up for the occasion. You can also give them a bigger role in the ceremony, so they are part of the entourage. You can even ask your guests to bring their pet along, if you want the ceremony to be open to all animals.

22. Brilliant Bouquets: Bridesmaids Can Carry Something Other Than Flowers

Bridesmaids Can Carry Something Other Than FlowersBridesmaids carry bouquets in wedding ceremonies. If you are not a stickler for tradition, you can ask the ladies to hold something else. This fresh change would make guests curious, and your wedding might be the first one to do something different.

If not flower, what should your bridesmaids be carrying? One charming choice is to buy giant balloons and accessorize it with ribbons. If you still want the bridal entourage to have a bouquet, opt for a fruit bouquet instead of a bunch of lovely blooms.

Fruit bouquets are perfect for getting married in spring or fall. If you are trying the know on winter, your bridesmaids can carry glowing lanterns, instead of bouquets.

Some Final Inspiration

Getting marriedGetting married need not be expensive. Of course, you still need to spend money, but with some ingenuity, you can find many ways to stick to your budget. If you love to do things on your own, you can save more money. With just a handful of unique wedding ideas, you can transform your wedding and set a trend.

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