18 Expert Relationship Advice for Women Searching for True Love

18 Expert Relationship Advice for Women Searching for True LoveFinding love in this day and age seems to be more difficult than it used to be.

There are a lot of fish in the sea, but reeling in the right one for you is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

For girls who are in search of the best man for them, the search seems to be quite tedious.

A few well-placed bits of relationship advice for women could be useful, especially for those who are struggling with their beaus.

While many people believe in the magic of true love, most long-term relationships need work.

Here are 18 relationship tips for women to improve your relationship with your man.

1. Make Time for Play

Make Time for PlayMen and boys have one thing in common – they love to play. This is one reason why women need to take it easy from time to time and allow their significant other to have fun. Better yet, join in and allow yourself to enjoy the game, too.

Men love hanging out with their friends and (for a lot of them) play on their PS4 consoles. Some women get this side of men, but there are some who hate this. If you are the latter, rather than getting annoyed with this behavior, join in.

This could be fun for you too, and you can try to beat your man at his game.

You’ll earn his respect.

If this is absolutely not your thing, remember to give your man some space so he has time to enjoy these activities.

2. Get To Know His Friends

FriendsMen may seem to stand well on their own, but the opinion of other men in their lives can sway them. This means that if you truly love someone, you should get to know his friends. Getting along with his buddies could make him see you as a good catch, since you can roll with his friends.

While this may seem like an awesome idea, do not get too close to his friends. Flirting and suggestive behavior can do a lot of damage to your relationship. If you are fond of listening to relationship tips on TV or on the radio, you should know how jealousy destroys couples.

The last thing you want is for your man to think that you are flirting with or even sleeping with one of his friends. Strike a balance here!

3. Relationship Tips: Women Should Learn to Show by Example

get flowersA lot of women complain that their man is not opening doors for them. Some even complain that they do not get flowers on Valentine’s Day. The breed of chivalrous men seems to have gone extinct, but changing your man to a chivalrous knight is not impossible.

Rather than fuming for having someone insensitive as your boyfriend, try to find ways to give him some pointers. If you love receiving flowers, take time to stop by flower shops to smell the flowers. You should also tell him how you love a particular bloom.

Stalling inside the car to get him to open the door and walking behind him on the way in and out of the restaurant could work. Each time he holds the door for you, always remember to say thanks.

4. Learn to Listen

give him some pointersMen know that women love to talk. Unfortunately, this also means that women do not like to listen, especially during an argument. One of the most valuable relationship advice for women from men is to learn how to listen. Instead of cutting off your boyfriend mid-sentence, allow him to say what he wants.

Just like women, men need to have a say in an argument. Even if you hate what he is telling you, listening is important if you want to fix a problem. On the subject of arguing, you should also be honest with him. Say things as they are and do not resort to using excuses when you are angry.

5. Don’t Beat Up Your Man With The Past

heated argumentBringing up something that happened in the past is a sure way to ruin a relationship. Rubbing failure in your partner’s face will just lead to bigger problems. In fact, this could alienate him, and make him feel bad about himself and angry at you.

If you still have hang-ups, talk to your partner in a calm and civilized manner. Do not bring this up in the middle of a heated argument. Remember that when emotions are high, it could be easy to say something you do not mean and will regret later.

6. Stop Playing the Blame Game

pointing fingersWhen something goes wrong, pointing fingers is rarely the best solution. Rather than putting the blame on your partner, or worse, accepting the blame, try to let the situation cool down first.

If you made a mistake, do not let that error in judgment define you. If guilt is eating you up, try to ask for forgiveness or if necessary, leave the relationship. Take the time to come to terms with that failure. Keep in mind that you can never love a person when you do not love yourself.

7. Remember Your Boyfriend is Not a Mind Reader

Your Boyfriend is Not a Mind ReaderMen in all walks of life lament in the fact that they cannot read minds. A lot of women expect their boyfriends to know what they are thinking. This is one reason why men often feel that women are impossible to understand. In fact, there are some men who argue that using logic is the worst thing to resort to during an argument with a woman.

Although men need to work on their emotional intelligence and ability to read subtle cues to your mood, you need to realize that they do not have super powers. If your man failed to get the sign that you were sending, cut him some slack. Do not pick up a fight just because your man did not realize you were just being coy.

8. Too Much Drama Can Destroy Relationships

Too Much Drama Can Destroy RelationshipsOne valuable piece of relationship advice for women in their 20’s is to stop being too self-absorbed. When you are engrossed in your personal dramas, it could be easy to lose track of the issues at hand. Making everything about you could also destroy relationships.

Unfortunately, not all drama queens know they are acting like spoiled brats. Every person has this inner child who will throw tantrums when they are not understood. Instead of giving in to the urge to shout or to blurt out things you do not mean, talk things over. Miscommunication is often the reason for full-blown fights and even break-ups.

9. Relationship Advice for Women: The Silent Treatment is Toxic

silent treatmentSome women nag men, but there are some who would rather go for the silent treatment. These two things are sure ways to put a relationship in trouble. This tends to put a lot of physical and emotional stress to individuals, and it is a destructive habit.

Based on several studies, the silent treatment follows the same demand-withdrawal pattern in people with mental illness, depression, and those who abuse drugs and alcohol. Instead of not speaking to your partner, try to let the situation cool off first. Avoid using cruel and hurtful language and be sure to communicate properly.

10. You and Your Man Are on the Same Team

You and Your Man Are on the Same TeamWhen you are in a relationship, try to keep in mind that you are just on one team. Once you stop thinking about you and him separately, and think the two of you have the same goals, things will be easier. Although it may be hard at first, thinking that your man is behind you could make you happier.

This same concept can make relationships grow stronger, since you are putting your trust on that person. Without faith in the two of you, you may need to rethink taking things to a deeper level.

11. A Physical and Emotional Attachment Should Come Together

Physical and Emotional AttachmentOne difference between most men and women is the way they view sex. Many relationship problems women ask advice for concerns regarding physical intimacy. Although men link sex with affection, women do not feel the urge to engage in anything physical unless they feel something for a man.

If you are not ready for anything, you can make him wait for sex. The decision is all up to you; however, it is important to communicate your concerns to your man, especially when you are in a serious relationship. If there is nothing tying down but sex, then there could be something seriously wrong in your relationship.

12. Take Time to Fall in Love

fall in loveIf you want to take things slow, you have every right to keep the pace to your liking. Do not chase after love. Allow yourself to enjoy the process of falling in love, right down to the butterflies in your stomach.

If you have been hurt before, you need to give yourself time to heal before you can move on to a new relationship. This is an essential step, especially if you are confused if you found the right man or not.

13. Embrace Your Earthly Desires

desires in bed

Ok, we know this one is a bit dramatic. But we all have something we want to try.

Men may like their woman to act prim and proper in public but in private, they want something else. In fact, there are a lot of men who would like their women to embrace their risqué side. Do not be afraid to show him the things that you like.

It may seem awkward at first, but you should not be afraid to match your partner’s desires in bed. It would please your man if you take the initiative sometimes. If there is something that you like to do, it would be great to tell him about it. For all you know, you guys might be sharing a common desire to experience something new in bed.

14. Insecurities are Destructive

insecurityWomen almost always suffer from pangs of insecurity, even if they know that their man is committed to them. When a beautiful lady catches the eyes of their boyfriend, they tend to give their man a lot of heat. Often, this does not mean they distrust their man. This stems out from their insecurities.

No matter how beautiful or sexy a female is, she will still find something she hates about herself. This could be the size of her breasts or her rear, or any physical feature she finds ugly. While insecurities can make you a better person, it could also eat you up. When you constantly feel down about things you can’t change, you can destroy your relationship.

Women who are insecure also tend to be overly jealous. If you are checking on your man every two minutes, you are constantly questioning his whereabouts, or you accuse him of cheating at every turn, you might have a problem. Coming to terms with this insecurity is essential if you want to be a keeper.

15. Stop Trying Too Hard

Stop Trying Too HardWomen are nurturing by nature, and this could be because of their maternal instinct. However, there are some women who put so much effort in pleasing their man, that they are taken for granted. Relationships are all about give and take. If you are the one who is giving all the time, then something is not right.

There are a lot of relationship quizzes for women that you can take. If you tick off every category for a girlfriend with a selfish man, you need to take greater care of yourself.

Women who give everything to a man who is taking them for granted will often attract selfish men. You need to respect yourself more than that. Just because you like a man, it does not mean you should do everything for him from doing his laundry to treating him like a baby. If you are in this kind of relationship, step away before you are in too deep.

16. Give Him Space

give him spaceThere are a lot of couples who break up because they need space. This just shows that even in a loving relationship, you need to make time for yourself. Most couples are always hanging out with each other and existing in the same circle, and they can feel suffocated.

Asking for space is one of the most popular excuses why men break up with their girl. One thing you may read in a relationship advice forum and hear from someone with experience would be the need to allow your man some space. Just because you are in a relationship, that does not mean you should be in each other’s shadow.

Give him some time with his buddies. Allow him to indulge in activities that he enjoys. This will allow him to have a personal life away from you, which could make your relationship last longer.

17. Be There for Him

be there for himMen may project themselves with confidence, but they always have a weak spot. One of the best tidbits of relationship advice for women is to cut your man some slack when he has been through a rough patch. If you know that he is going through something, be there for him.

Tell him and reassure him that you will stand by his side. There are times when a man simply needs someone to be there. Men are more prone to stress than women since they are geared to be the more aggressive sex. This also means that they can take failure hard.

If he decides to share his problem with you, try to give him a logical solution. Men often share the things that bother them when they need help figuring something out. Although your support is appreciated, they would also find it touching if you try to help them solve the issue.

Since stress can cause headaches and a multitude of body pains, you can give him a massage. Rather than making him more stressed, help him relax.

18. Perfect Relationships Are a Myth

happily ever afterWhen you find a man who you think is the right one for you, you might think everything will be happily ever after. Things will not be happy all the time. Just like in any relationship, there will ups and downs.

If you listened to the latest dating advice for women, you should know by now that nothing goes according to plan. Sometimes you end up with an obnoxious guy or a rude guy. Then, there are instances when you find a guy who gets you. The same thing happens in a relationship, but this time, you are dealing with one guy’s different faces, not with a multitude of men.


Compassion, understanding and proper communication are among the best bits of marriage advice for women and for those in committed relationships. It would also be good to realize that every couple goes through challenges. Listening to relationship advice for women can also help you pull through difficult phases.


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